Plans Reading Fundamentals

Plans Reading Fundamentals - Tampa EXCLUSIVE

Event Date

  • 7/21/2017


  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Tamp - Omni Communications


  • 8509 Benjamin Road
    Suite E
    Tampa, Florida 33634
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  • Gordon Burleson PE

Credit Hours

  • PDHs
Plans Reading Fundamentals


Highway plans are developed in order to provide a pictorial view of the existing facilities and proposed improvements on a particular portion of roadway. They convey bits of information about the construction project itself ranging from the amount of construction materials used on the project to the amount of land necessary to accommodate the work. Various sections make up a complete set of highway plans and those that are included depend on the type of construction actually taking place. Many highway plan sets have sections on roadway items, erosion control, drainage, pavement, maintenance of traffic, traffic control, lighting, landscaping and right of way.Contractors, as well as various subcontractors, all utilize construction plans in order to construct the project itself. Estimators use construction plans to assign a reasonable cost associated with the work required to complete the project. The plan set itself serves as a public record showing the documented center line of a roadway and all associated information. Construction plans are a very important part of the project development process on the whole.

This course will cover the basic areas of plans reading:

  • Title sheet
  • Utilities
  • Schematic
  • Typical sections
  • Symbols
  • Notes


  • $150 per person for public agency personnel
  • $225 per person for private agency personnel

Course Length

7 hours