Basic Maintenance of Traffic - Flagging

MOT Basic "Flagger" Training Requirements:


In order to be certified as a flagger and have your certificate verified, the following process must be completed:

  • Only Authorized MOT Providers can provide the MOT Basic (Flagger) course with verifiable certification through the MOT Administrator
  • In-person training must be conducted using the MOT Administrator flagger course material. (July 2014)
  • All flaggers must successfully demonstrate their flagging knowledge and skills to an approved instructor or proctor.
  • A hands on skills assessment must be documented for each student on the “Flagger Evaluation Form” (Form 003) 
  • After the completion of the skills assessment, the instructor and/or authorized proctor must sign the Flagger Evaluation form before providing it to the MOT Administrator.

    • Once signed, a copy of this form can be provided to the student as a temporary flagger certificate. These temporary certificates are only valid for 15 days following the completion of the skills assessment.
    • Note: Temporary certificates will not be valid unless submitted to the MOT Administrator within the 15 day window.
    • The completed forms must be provided to the MOT Administrator for record keeping purposes and final certificate issuance.
    • After the student’s data is entered into the MOT Administration database and the payments have been received from the provider, the MOT Basic Flagger Certificate will be issued to the student
    • The flagger course will expire no more than 4 years after its issuance.

Name Change

  •  Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) name will be referred to as Temporary Traffic Control (TTC)
  • Only "terminology" is currently being changed
  • Course names will remain as Basic, Intermediate/Refresher (IMOT/IMOTR), and Advanced/Refresher (AMOT/AMOTR)
  • All Certifications with name Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) or Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) are valid (Must be current to be valid)


  • $105 per person for public agency personnel
  • $105 per person for private agency personnel
  • Ask us about multiple registration discounts for your Agency

Course Length

4 hours 

Credit Hours

0 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

0 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)