Basic Maintenance of Traffic - Flagging


The MOT Basic or Flagging course certifies a person to direct traffic through a construction site or other temporary traffic control zone past an area using signs or flags. They are responsible for maintaining the safety and efficiency of traffic, as well as the safety of road workers, while allowing construction, accident recovery or other tasks to proceed. Flaggers are commonly used to control traffic when two way roads are reduced to one lane, and traffic must alternate in direction. Flagger training is skill based therefore there is no minimum time requirement. Based on our experience the course could take up to up to 4 hours depending on the size of the class and the skill level of the students.

Certificates and Wallet Cards: 

A written test with a practical examination is required. All flaggers must successfully demonstrate their flagging knowledge and skills to an approved instructor or proctor. If successfully completed your certificate will be issued electronically by the FDOT’s MOT administrator.  Visit the MOT administrator’s webpage at for more information.

Training or refresher courses for all MOT levels are required every (4) four years to continue to be qualified.

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