The Florida Tech Transfer Center Equipment Loan Program

The Florida Tech Transfer Center (T2 Center) has equipment available to assist local transportation agencies. To request these materials please complete the T2 Center Equipment Loan Request Form. Click here

Reflectometer RoadVista model 922

The Reflectometer RoadVista model 922 is one of the products offered by the T2 Center through the loaner program. By using the reflectometer, local agencies are able to determine if the reflectivity of the traffic signs is at an appropriate level. Reflectometers are very accurate and currently the only reliable method for obtaining the reflectivity, but are also very expensive. The loaner program alleviates that investment and provides the technology in a cost effective way. For more information, click on the link below.

The product is available for loan in two week increments. Please complete the Equipment Loan Request Form above to begin the loaning process.

Reflectometer RoadVista model 922 Abstract

Safety Edge

The FHWA's Safety Edge initiative is an inexpensive technology designed to reduce serious crashes on the highway. The Safety Edge creates a 30 degree angle on the edge of the pavement, eliminating dangerous vehicle drop-off. This allows vehicles to return to the road more smoothly and safely. For more information, click on the link below. 

To take part in this technology, please complete the Equipment Loan Request Form above. 

Safety Edge Abstract

Rolling Straight Edge


The 15-Foot Rolling and Manual Straightedges are methods used to cover the measurement of pavement smoothness.  The Rolling Straightedge is 15 feet +/- 2 inches in length measured from center-to-center of the wheel axels.  It should also have a read-out gauge with low and high reading marks to the nearest 1/13 inch.  The Manual Straightedge should be 15 feet +/- 2 inches as well.  Additionally, a total of four shims 3/16 inches thick and a total of four shims 3/8 inch shims are needed. 

Rieker Ball Bank Indicator


The term "Ball Bank Indicator" refers to an inclinometer (or Accelerometer used as an inclinometer) that is used for the specific purpose of determining safe (uniform advisory) curve speeds for horizontal curves. It measures the overturning force (side friction), measured in degrees, on a vehicle negotiating a horizontal curve. Rieker Ball Bank Indicators reflect the operating procedures of Federal, State, and local roads and highways, based upon the “Speed Zone Theory” and “85th Percentile Speeds”, which is adapted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO); Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and as defined in the Federal and/or State Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, (MUTCD). Rieker indicators have been the ball bank standard instruments used by Federal and State Departments of Transportation Nationwide since the 1950's.

Measuring Wheel


Professional measuring wheel is ideal for heavy construction, large commercial operations, utility companies, land surveying and other critical measuring applications.