Completed FDOT Research Projects, February 2017-April 2017


Evaluation of Alternative Pozzolanic Materials for Partial Replacement of Portland Cement in Concrete

University of Florida researchers investigated the use of new sources of pozzolanic materials, which will be used to implement recommendations for revisions to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standard Specifications for road and bridge construction, particularly Section 929, Pozzolans and Slag. The researchers investigated the plastic, rheological, heat-generating, chemical, physical, and durability properties of the alternative materials and their suitability for use in concrete.

Project number: BDV31-977-06

Principal investigator: Christopher Ferraro, University of Florida

Project manager: Harvey DeFord, FDOT Materials Office

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Application of Imaging Techniques to Evaluate Polishing Characteristics of Aggregates

University of Florida researchers identified approaches that can be used for aggregate pre-evaluation in order to reliably distinguish between different aggregates with different frictional characteristics.

Project number: BDV31-977-28

Reynaldo Roque, University of Florida

Project manager: John Shoucair, FDOT Materials Office

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Method to Predict Seasonal High Ground Water Table (SHGWT)

William Szary, a private consultant, established a consistent, quantifiable method/process to accurately predict the seasonal high ground water table without being overly conservative.

Project number: BDX86

Principal investigator: William Szary, Consultant
Project manager: David Horhota, FDOT Materials Office

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Public Transportation

Capturing the Benefits of Complete Streets

This project will begin to fill the gap in the literature regarding the economic impacts of Complete Streets projects and how those impacts may differ from more traditional roadways capacity investment projects that do not contain elements of Complete Streets. This research will include a thorough look at the existing literature regarding Complete Streets and a summary of their impacts. Further, the Research Team will determine an appropriate methodology for quantitatively estimating the economic impacts of both Complete Streets and non-Complete Streets projects. Finally, case studies will be used to determine the relative impacts of both types of projects.

Project number: BDV26-977-04

Principal investigator: Victoria Perk, University of South Florida

Project manager: Larry Hymowitz, FDOT Materials Office

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Rheology Limits for Grout Materials Used for Precast Bent Cap Pile Pockets in Hot Weather

Florida State University researchers evaluated grouted pile pocket connections to gather subsidiary information on limiting factors -- anticipated throughout the construction process -- to assist the Structures Design Office in the standardization process of precast intermediate bent caps.

Project number: BDV30-977-16

Principal investigator: Raphael Kampmann, Florida State University

Project manager: Steven Nolan, FDOT Structures Office

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Distribution Factors for Construction Loads and Girder Capacity Equations

University of Florida researchers computed distribution factors for girder moments and girder end-reactions for construction-stage structural configurations and loading conditions. They provide a practical means by which such distribution factors can be determined for use in design and revise previously developed girder capacity equations (for wind load and gravity load) to account for increased girder sweep.

Project number: BDV31-977-46

Principal investigator: Gary Consolazio, University of Florida

Project manager: Christina Freeman, FDOT Structures Office

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Traffic Engineering and Operations

Comparing Countermeasures for Mitigating Wrong-way Entries onto Limited Access Facilities

University of South Florida researchers compared countermeasures for mitigating wrong-way entries onto limited access facilities currently used in the pilot projects or requests for experiments and recommend the appropriate measures for future deployment consideration by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

Project number: BDV25-977-29

Principal investigator: Pei-Sung Lin, University of South Florida

Project manager: Raj Ponnaluri, FDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

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Evaluation of Fog Predictions and Detection, Phase 2

Florida State University researchers examined factors to determine which ones should be included in the data collection and algorithm for fog prediction and detection. They demonstrated the relationship between soil moisture and fog formation as well as the usefulness of radar data in modeling patterns of soil moisture.

Project number: BDV30-977-14

Principal investigator: Peter S. Ray, Florida State University

Project manager: Mark Wilson, FDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

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