Local Technical Assistance Program

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) is composed of a network of 58 Centers - one in every state, one in Puerto Rico and seven regional Centers serving tribal governments. The LTAP/TTAP centers enable local counties, parishes, townships, cities and towns to improve their roads and bridges by supplying them with a variety of training programs, an information clearinghouse, new and existing technology updates, personalized technical assistance, and newsletters.

The Florida LTAP/T2 Center strives to meet and exceed the goals set for us by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), by:

  • Developing, arranging, and conducting a variety of topical professional training in many formats
  • Listening to our constituents and developing programs and technical assistance to meet their needs
  • Publishing quarterly newsletters and information brochures
  • Maintaining a Media Center with more than 9,000 publications and 900 videos for loan covering every aspect of the road and bridge profession, with particular emphasis on safety
  • Linking local agencies with state, national, and international pending, current, and completed research
  • Developing, participating in, and coordinating the distribution of a variety of transportation safety-related programs and products
  • Developing, encouraging, and implementing strategies to create professional relationships that will enhance our service to local agencies
  • Compiling and maintaining a membership database for newsletter and technical material distribution
  • Continually evaluating the effectiveness of our programs

How We Do It

Florida LTAP/T2 Center personnel understand that every contact is important and strive to satisfy every request in a straightforward, supportive manner by going beyond what may be normally expected, to seek every available solution to the situation.

The LTAP/T2 program is a service program. To be of real value to our constituents and sponsors, we strive every day to earn a reputation for prompt, efficient, and trustworthy support from each and every professional contact. We take our pledge very seriously. If you feel we have lived up to our pledge, or think we may have failed to meet these commitments, please bring either to our attention. It will help us help you.

University of Florida Affiliation

The Florida Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Center is a service center under the University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) in the College of Engineering at the University of Florida. Other service centers in the College of Engineering include: