Meet Our Instructors

Below are the names of our instructors.  To learn more about them just click on a name and you will be directed to a short biography.


 Peter Bouley
 Duane Brautigam, P.E.
 Robert Burch, CHST
 Gordon Burleson, P.E.
 Alan T. Bush, P.E.
 Mike Chodakowsky
Tony Decresie
 Alan Dixon
 Mark Doctor
Marshall Dougherty, Jr., P.E.
John Gilreath, GSIP, GIST, RST
Kathy Gregory
  Joseph Hall
 Ronald Lowe
 Gary Norman
 Darrell Oliver
Donald Purcell
Bill Sampson
Peter Schecter 
John Swift, P.E., PLS
 Scott Tison 

 Roy Weedle