Transportation Safety Center

What We Do 

Transportation Safety Center (TSC) primary goal is to assist local agencies in Florida to identify safety improvement projects within their communities. The focus of the TSC is areas within Florida with population less than 50,000 or those with similar conditions and limited resources to identify projects and implement safety improvements. 

Systematic analysis is used to work through the area's crash database and prioritize segments and intersections identified with a safety need for improvement. Florida Highway Administration (FHWA) countermeasures are analyzed to achieve the best outcome. Each countermeasure has an associated Crash Modification Factor (CMF) issued by the CMF Clearinghouse. The sophisticated analysis by the TSC will consider the most beneficial countermeasure by looking into the intricate details of each scenario including the benefits and budget needed to implement the safety improvements. 

The goal of TSC is to offer a deliverable that can be used to secure Highway Safety Improvement (HSI) funding when it is available through federal funding sources. Please contact us to learn more about the TSC or to work together on future planning in your area.