Video Training Module 4

Portland Cement Concrete

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4A: Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Inspection

Duration: 2 hrs

This section covers five areas of Portland Cement Concrete construction:

  • Fundamental of Quality Concrete
  • Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete
  • Pre-placement Inspection
  • Placement Inspection
  • Post Placement Inspection

Portland cement concrete construction inspectors, engineers and concrete testing personnel and in-training personnel are primary targets.

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4B: Portland Cement Concrete Flatwork

Duration: 1 hr 10 min

This section covers maintenance of Portland Cement Concrete pavements and construction of parking lot flat work using hand forms and slip form. Procedures shown are used in parking lot, pavement, sidewalk and driveway maintenance. There is a video demonstration on the use of tools, screening, floating, and troweling.

Portland cement concrete repair crews, road supervisors and in-training personnel are primary targets.

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