Video Training

This highly efficient training brings video-based instruction and job-related information to your shop, maintenance yard or training facility. Since the materials are available on demand you schedule your own training session at your convenience. Your agency is responsible for providing a training facilitator and meeting space. These instructional videos provide important information meant to inspire discussion on a variety of topics relevant to municipal and county public works departments.

VT Methods and Benefits

  • Video based training methods ensure full coverage of course content
  • The material provides excellent starting points for discussion which allows every trainee the maximum benefit of the material and the opportunity to address individual situations relevant to each agency
  • No minimum or maximum seating limits-whether 2 or 32 employees will attend, they all receive the training

Budget Minded? Get the best value with VTs

These self-led training sessions are provided at no charge. You can now update your employee's training with minimal impact on your training budget.

How to Request Video Training:

Simply fill out the Video Training Request Form. You will receive an email with links to instructional videos and training outlines. 

Video Training Categories

Module 1: Work Zone Safety

Module 2: Asphalt Pavement

Module 3: Equipment/Tool Operation & Safety

Module 4: Portland Cement Concrete

Module 5: Roadside Maintenance Operations

Module 6: Drainage Construction/Erosion Control

Module 7: Soils

Module 8: Legal Concerns

Module 9: Highway Safety: Design, Construction, and Maintenance

Module 10: Trafffic Operations: Highway Signing and Pavement Markings



Please contact us via email at or by phone at 352.273.1670 for any questions about the Video Training Program.

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